Snow Queen Photo Session.

I started working today on preparation for a conceptual photo shoot for January 22. These shoots feed my creative soul. A couple of years ago I made a white head piece  and have used it on a few shoots. The piece was beautiful, but it needed some updating to fit in with my ideas for this session. This is the old version. I cut off the gold hanging chain and added some small white flowers.Kim Sleno Portrait ShootThe change is subtle but I like it. The next step was making a snow queen flower bouquet as well as sceptre. Flowers in the studio are plentiful, so that was an easy task. A broom handle spray painted silver with some braiding and an old Christmas decoration finished it off.

This week will be working on stylizing the session and working out different poses as well as finding a location up the mountain with lots of snow and few people.

I will post after the session in a week. I am excited.

Kim Sleno Portrait Shoot Kim Sleno Portrait Shoot