Living in one century and dreaming in another

I am sure I lived in another time, another century. I love the clothes and fashion of the 16th, 17th and 18th century. This latest series draws from my love of fashion and sewing. Wandering around fabric stores I envision beautiful gowns of yesteryear. What starts in my mind grows and has a life of its own. It grows and becomes something else. While creating this gown I knew it my mind that Celina would be the one to wear it. Even though I had not seen or heard from her in almost a year, I knew she would bring the outfit to life. The first underdress started its life as a wedding dress that I found in a second hand store for $20.00. I dyed it grey to match the silver in the overdress. The second underdress is a combination of a tule skirt I made last year and a bustier bought online. The original idea was to create 2 or 3 dresses and do a photo shoot in a cave, but that has just not happened yet. So a new Zen Garden was created at Smith Hill Gardens and I thought this would be the perfect outfit to accentuate the calmness of the garden. Here are the first 3 images of a few more to come. The images are edited with a painting tone to give that old world feel. If you are interested in a custom photo shoot with this style, please contact me at 250 338 6660. Kim Sleno Portraits - TIme Period Photo Shoot Kim Sleno Portraits - TIme Period Photo Shoot Kim Sleno Portraits - TIme Period Photo Shoot