Do we know when a miracle happens?

Do we know when a miracle happens? Last evening I was driving to a clients house. Normally I leave with plenty of time to arrive. Yesterday I had already put a full day in so I left my house with only 5 minutes to get there. Driving up Ryan Rd in the rain in winter is not one of my favourite pastimes. I drove deliberately within the speed limit as I had witnessed 2 Crazy Christmas drivers over the last few days. While pulling into the right turn lane to Crown Isle a speeding car hit a deer right in front of me.

The car did not slow down. The deer flew into the air and landed 30 feet in front of me. Her front legs thrashing and the struggle of death was on her. Stopping my car and getting out trying to stop traffic. A big red truck stopped in the left lane slightly behind me with a woman. Our eyes connected and I knew she was going to help in some way. 

Was she dead?

I approached the deer. She was large and laying still. I believed her to be dead. My body was working on instinct. My brain was working a million miles an hour. How would I get her off the road? 

I put my hand on her neck and she raised her head and looked into my soul. I could feel energy surging through me and into her and back again to me. Time was standing still. Looking at me she got to her feet, shock herself slowly and walked to the sidewalk. 

She then stared across the road. My eyes followed her gaze and I saw her 2 fawns on the other side of 5 lanes of traffic desperately trying to get to her. The angel in the red truck saw this as well and started honking her horn to get the cars to slow down. The both ran across the road only trying to reach their mother. 

A car coming up from behind us raced past us in the left turn lane to Costco and missed the 2 babies by inches. They rushed to their mother. I looked at them and knew I had just been part of a miracle. 
Thank you so much to the woman in the red truck and the other cars that stopped. 
I know that deer will be very sore today. I too was hit with a car many years ago and all of those feelings can rushing back to me last night. 
Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas. Please slow down while driving.